Simba Telecom

Simba Telecom is the biggest mobile phone retailer in East Africa with over 100 retail outlets and is also the largest airtime distributor in the region

Founded in 1998, Simba Telecom was the launch distribution partner for South African telecoms network MTN in Uganda. Within six months of starting operations, Simba and MTN were able to sign up over five times as many customers as the incumbent network had achieved in the previous four years. Simba built a large distribution network across Uganda, and since founding has signed up many millions of customers onto the MTN network.

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About Simba Telecom – Continues….

From this strong base in Uganda, Simba Telecom expanded into Kenya and Tanzania, making partnerships with the largest telecoms networks in those countries. We are now the largest distributor of airtime products in East Africa, with expansive distribution networks to ensure deep penetration into our assigned territories. In addition, we have over 100 shops across the region focused on selling high quality mobile phones and related products.