Ibanda University

Hard Work for Excellence

The History of Ibanda university dates back to discussions held between its promoters and technical team in 2011. Initial proposals led to the submission of formal application to the National council of Education (NCHE) in 2012

NCHE followed by issuing a letter of interim authority in June 2013. At inception, IU was graced in an inauguration ceremony & laying a foundation stone by HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 29th Aug, 2014 at its main campus located on Bubaare cell, Befunda ward Ibanda town council. Upon its final inspection by NCHE quality assurance team, IU obtained a gazette & provisional license number UI.PL.025 issued on 20, sept 2014

The aim of establishing Ibanda University is to provide accessible quality university education to people in Ibanda town, western Uganda, its hinterlands in Eastern Africa & the world at large. IU is set to deliver University education that is quality commensurate with international standards for university education worldwide